Enrolment Procedure

The following is the procedure for enrolment at Dominican School.

  1. Expressions of interest or enquiries about enrolment at Dominican School can be made by contacting the school office on (08) 8114 3600 or info@dominican.catholic.edu.au and an Application for Enrolment Form will be provided.
  2. Individual tours are available on request. Please ring (08) 8114 3600.
  3. Return the completed Application for Enrolment Form to the school with a payment of $50.00. Copies of Birth Certificates and Baptism Certificates(where applicable) must be provided.
  4. The school Enrolment Officer will contact parents or caregivers inviting them to an enrolment interview. Enrolment interviews generally occur in Term 1 the year prior to the child starting school.
  5. Parents and the child meet with the Principal. During this meeting parents are given information about the school and have their questions answered. This also provides an opportunity for the Principal to meet the child.
  6. If a position is available a letter of ‘Offer of Enrolment’ is sent to the parents.
  7. If parents wish to accept this enrolment offer then parents sign the ‘Acceptance of Offer” and return it to the school to secure the position.
  8. If a position is not currently available the school will notify you by letter and the enrolment will be placed on a waiting list.

Enrolment into Reception

A two intake per year policy applies for children eligible to start Reception in learning programs situated within the following parameters:

A strong commitment to continuity of learning based on research and developmental growth of children.

 A context of transition into primary schooling which is consistent with CESA ethos and identity.

The flexibility to have either one or two start dates as prescribed by SACCS dependent on the needs and characteristics of the local context of a school community.

Families are encouraged to seek full Preschool entitlement for every child.

 Children starting in Reception in Term 3 will have a minimum of six terms in Reception.

The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 1 is that the child will attain the age of 5 on or before 30 April in that year.

The criteria for starting Reception on the first day of school in Term 3 is that the child will have attained the age of 5 on or before 31 October in that year.

Children whose birthday falls between 1 November and 31 December are not eligible to commence school until the following year.

 Parent Handbook 2021
 Enrolment Form 2021