Sports Day

Information and Reminders

Sports Day is to be held at the Port Adelaide Athletics Club on Bower Road on Wednesday 3 April

Arrival from 8.30am and meet with class teachers at 8.45am around the edge of the spectator zone. Dismissal will be from the same drop off point. Students will need to be signed off by the class teacher. 

For ease of locating class teachers for drop off and pick up, each teacher will be standing on a designated spot on the oval’s edge holding a coloured flag. The class flag colour is listed below. Please also ensure social distancing occurs when lining up to drop off and collect your child.

RN – Rainbow
1A – Yellow

1F – Pink
2K - Orange

3/4S– Blue
3/4H – Green
5/6T - White
5/6AO - Black

It is the responsibility of parents and caregivers to transport children to and from the event. Students will NOT be permitted to walk home from the athletics oval.

Whilst the day is scheduled to conclude at 2:00pm, parents of our Reception students are welcome to collect their children at 12pm after communication with your child’s Reception class teacher. Please note OSHC will not be available on this day.

Students will need to bring a small backpack with their fruit snack, recess, lunch (if no sausage sizzle has been ordered) and water bottle/s. Students will need their school hat for the day.

Spectators will be required to remain in the ‘spectator zones’ throughout the whole day, this includes during all tabloid games and running events. The spectator zones are located on the outside of the oval/400m track. See attached map for further clarification. 

Students will be required to remain with their teachers/house teams during recess and lunch breaks. They will not be permitted to enter the spectator zone.

Students are permitted to wear zinc and hair spray in their team colour, but it must be applied at home and not brought to the athletics oval. Teachers will have sunscreen and sanitiser for students to use and reapply as required.

Students are required to wear their school sports shorts with a top/t-shirt in the predominant colour of their sports team. They are also allowed to wear team-coloured socks. The team colours are as follows.

Saint Dominic’s – Black (white)

Saint Patrick’s – Green (yellow)

Saint Catherine’s – Yellow (blue)

Saint Mary’s – Blue (white)

If your child is absent on Sports Day, please email

We look forward to a fantastic Sports Day!!


Download - Sports Day Reminders and Information