Catholic Education South Australia

Our History

Established by the Dominican Sisters in 1899

Dominican School Semaphore was established in 1899 and was opened and staffed by the Dominican Sisters in order to give the Catholic children of Semaphore a comprehensive religious and academic education.

Over the years this aim has remained central to an ever-expanding and changing educational system. We focus on nurturing children's faith and their development as Christians and we extend our enrolments to all people wishing to educate their children in the Catholic tradition.

Saint Dominic

Dominic was intensely involved in the struggles of the people of his day and focused on bringing to them a Gospel of hope...

He was an exemplary leader, never putting himself forward, but always believing in the work of the spirit in each person, not just himself.

Dominic was joyful, prayerful, compassionate, and a lover of simplicity who anguished over the sufferings of others and wanted to help them find the meaning of life.

He had a profound trust in the goodness and wisdom of God and never confused God's will with his own.

His heritage to us is to encourage us to take personal responsibility for our journey through life, understanding that we are all connected by our humanity and have a mutual responsibility for each other and our world.