Beyond the Classroom

We want our students’ learning experience to be rich in opportunity, allowing them to enjoy music, sports and the creative arts as an integral part of their education.

Year 6 Drum Corp

As part of our rich tradition, our Dominican Year 6 students are involved in a school based Drum Corp - this is an integral part of our Year 6 Leadership Development Program. Students perform at Sports Day, Christmas Concerts, the Semaphore Street Fair and many other community events.

Music Tutoring

We engage with a range of experienced music tutors. There are opportunities for your child to to learn piano, guitar, drums and singing.

Music lessons, incorporating music theory and harmonies, are run during school time. These lessons are taught by private tutors for a reasonable cost. Payment for tuition fees are made by the parents.

Please contact the school office if you require further information.

Choir and Vocal Groups

Dominican School offers Junior Choir, Senior Choir and Vocal Group.

Choir groups practice during lunch times and perform at a number of different events including the Catholic Schools Music Festival at the Festival Theatre and at the Semaphore Street Fair.

Children's University

Children’s University Australia provides learning opportunities outside of school hours to children aged between seven and fourteen years old, aiming to engage children in learning in its broadest sense, whilst developing confidence and aspiration.

Your child can work through their Passport to Learning to develop a variety of skills in all sorts of locations!

School Camps

School camps are an integral part of the curriculum at Dominican School with students across Years 3 to 6 attending at least 2 camps during their time with us.

Camps provide children with an opportunity to experience learning away from the classroom in a fun and challenging environment to develop a range of skills including self discipline, independence and team work. 

Past camps have included destinations such as Narnu Farm on Hindmarsh Island and Nunyara Retreat at Belair.  


All students take part in sporting programs as a part of their school day.

In addition, we are involved in inter-school Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Swimming, Cross Country, Touch Football and more.

Students from Years 4 to 6 may represent the school in carnivals during the year, including Cross Country, Athletics, Netball, Lacrosse, Soccer and Swimming.

We welcome the involvement of parents as we work in partnership to represent Dominican School as a proud school community.