Our Values, Vision and Mission

Inspiring Hearts and Minds to be the Best we can Be

At Dominican School, students, staff, parents and caregivers are invited to be part of a community partnership, following the foundations of the Dominican tradition.

This tradition values each individual, has a focus on Jesus, develops a personal relationship with God, provides an education which enables students to reach their full potential, and prepares students for their future.

Dominican School is recognised as a leading, innovative and creative Catholic Parish School, blessed with a Dominican foundation, which is valued, nurtured, celebrated and handed on to future generations.

Each member of the Dominican community is introduced to the four pillars when they commence at our school which allows them to understand, support and embrace the values of Dominican School.

At Dominican School we value:

  • An openness to God’s Spirit at work amongst us.
  • All creation’s interconnectedness.
  • Respecting the dignity of each person through actions of inclusivity, sensitivity, justice, compassion and love.
  • A commitment to practices of life-long learning.
  • Striving for personal growth in all aspects of school and community life.

Our Mission and Vision Statement:

Dominican School in partnership with families, is a community which creates opportunities for encountering life to the full – in all its personal, religious, ecological and cultural richness.

At Dominican School we create a welcoming Christ centred community bound by the Dominican Charism - VERITAS (truth).

Our students engage with a progressive and inclusive curriculum underpinned by contemporary teaching and learning practices. Students and families are welcomed, valued, accepted and supported within a safe environment committed to ecological sustainability.

Prayer, Study, Ministry, Community

These four pillars are the way in which our life is divided; yet the life of a Dominican is not divided at all. 

At Dominican School all four Dominican Pillars are experienced in a faithful and rich way. Living a balanced life placing emphasis on each value helps us do the work that our founder Dominic has asked us to do.

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