Catholic Education South Australia

Our Values, Vision and Mission

At Dominican School, students, staff, parents and caregivers are invited to be part of a partnership, characterised by the Dominican tradition.

This tradition values the individual, has a focus on Jesus, develops a personal relationship with God, provides an education which enables students to reach their full potential, and prepares students for their future.

Dominican School is recognised as a leading, innovative and creative Catholic Parish School, blessed with a Dominican foundation, which is valued, nurtured, celebrated and handed on to future generations.

At Dominican School we value:

An openness to God’s Spirit at work amongst us.
All creation’s interconnectedness.
Respecting the dignity of each person through actions of inclusivity, sensitivity, justice, compassion and love.
A commitment to practices of life-long learning.
Striving for personal growth in all aspects of school and community life.

Our Mission and Vision Statement:

Dominican School in partnership with families, is a community which creates opportunities for encountering life to the full – in all its personal, religious, political, ecological and cultural richness.

At Dominican School we create a welcoming Christ centred community bound by the Dominican Charism - VERITAS

Our students engage with a progressive and inclusive curriculum underpinned by contemporary teaching and learning practices. Students and families are welcomed, valued, accepted and supported within a safe environment committed to ecological sustainability.

Prayer, Study, Ministry, Community

These four pillars are the way in which our life is divided; yet the life of a Dominican is not divided at all. At Dominican School all four Dominican Pillars are experienced in a faithful and rich way. Living a balanced life placing emphasis on each value helps us do the work that our founder Dominic has asked us to do.