Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

At Dominican School a focus on the development of wellbeing is nurtured and valued.

The Dominican Values focus on the individual, the mission of Jesus and developing an understanding of God.  The Dominican motto Veritas, refers to our desire to seek and embrace truth and what is right. 

At Dominican School we:
  Value -  learning  
  Effort - doing your best
  Responsibility - owning your actions
  Independence - having the courage to be yourself and the strength to work       with others

  Trust - being reliable and honest
  Acceptance - respecting and including others
  Service - caring for, supporting and helping others

At Dominican School we believe:

  • Every student is a thriving and capable learner
  • Social and emotional well-being is a priority
  • All people should be treated with respect and dignity in a spirit of truth, justice, hope and reconciliation
  • Everyone has the right to feel safe all of the time
  • Staff and students have the right to teach and learn
  • Open communication is fundamental in student and community growth
  • Quality education is best achieved in a learning environment that is supportive, inclusive and respectful
  • In developing self-esteem, we develop active, inspired and lifelong learners
  • In Restorative Practices

 Our vision is to create an inclusive and collaborative school community and the building of positive and respectful relationships.

In order to develop respectful relationships at Dominican, we actively and explicitly teach skills and concepts using the following resources and practices:

  • Valuing the partnerships between students, their families and staff
  • Student Representative Council (SRC) and class meetings
  • Circle Time
  • Ongoing Professional Learning for staff eg Making Space for Learning
  • Be You Framework
  • Social and Emotional Learning programs
  • Leadership opportunities for students through representing Dominican School in a wide variety of events eg Justice Leaders
  • Building positive relationships between year levels through the “Buddy Class” system
  • Recognising responsible behaviour through the Dominican Pillar Certificates at assemblies
  • Providing calming rooms such as the ‘My Space’ to help emotional regulation
  • Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum
  • Crossways
  • Made in the Image of God
  • Mindfulness and meditative activities each day
  • R- 6 teaching of the Mind Up Curriculum
  • Celebrating days promoting a strong sense of self eg: Harmony Day



The school gates are locked each morning at 8.50am and then reopened at approximately 2.55pm. The only entry during the day is through the Front Office. Parents, Carers, Visitors and Contractors  are expected to "sign in" at the Front Office during these times.

Parents or nominated carers are asked to sign children "out" at the Front Office before leaving the school during school hours and sign children "in" upon return. When parents/carers have "signed out", students will be called to the Front Office. This is an important security procedure.

Please keep teachers informed about any "new" people who you may have arranged to pick up your children. It is also important that the child/children know these procedures and feel safe with the arrangements.

First Aid

School Staff are trained in basic first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis. Basic First Aid procedures are implemented for minor injuries.

Parents/Ambulances are called for serious cases. It is important that we have contact numbers on file for any emergencies. Please notify the Front Office if there are any changes in contact details.

Parents are contacted by Front Office staff for all head and facial injuries.


Allergy Awareness

Dominican School has an Allergy Awareness Policy that minimises the risk to anaphylactic students and other allergy sufferers. All students who suffer from allergies must provide  a medical management plan to the Front Office.

Foods containing nuts or nut products must not be brought to school.