Catholic Education South Australia

Assessment and Reporting

Underlying Procedures of Assessment and Reporting

The Catholic School exists to reflect Gospel Values and because we reflect:

Assessment will be carefully planned, explicit, ongoing and valid, so that all students are given opportunities to achieve.

Students will be assessed on a co-operative, rather than a selective fashion.

Students will have a role in setting assessment goals and criteria.

Teachers will communicate honestly with students, care-givers and other teachers.

Assessment tasks will emphasise individual growth, effort and stages of development.

Teachers will affirm and assist students by embracing individual differences.

A continuous process is used to ensure families are informed about student development in all areas of study.

A formal parent/ teacher Learning Conversation is held in Term 1, a mid year Report is presented at the end of Term 2 and an end of year Report is presented in Term 4.

Units of work are assessed as determined by the teacher. Regular contact with the teacher is encouraged.