Catholic Education South Australia

School Fees/School Card

Tuition Fees and Charges are an essential part of our school’s income. As applies to all Catholic Parish Primary Schools, State & Commonwealth Grants are received to cover the cost of teachers salaries. All other running costs (eg. electricity, cleaning, maintenance of buildings, insurance, salaries of extra teaching staff and Education Support Officers salaries) are borne by the School Community.
The School Board has determined that the following fees and charges shall apply for the 2019 school year.
Included in these fees are Tuition fees, Information Technology Levy, Curriculum Levy (which includes books, stationery, faculty resources, excursions and aquatics) and a Building Levy.

                            FULL FEES                     SCHOOL CARD  RECIPIENTS
1 child family       $3,374.00 Per Annum         $2,508.00 Per Annum
2 child family       $5,472.00 Per Annum         $4,087.00 Per Annum
3 child family       $7,138.00 Per Annum         $5,407.00 Per Annum

Please see the attached Fee Schedule for 2020 for further information.

 School Fees Brochure 2020.pdf